Southern Multisports Events


Fields shown like this (ie: dark pink background) are required fields and must be completed in all cases.

Application to the SOUTHERN MULTISPORTS 2017 series is via this web page.
To check if you are on the start list, please click on this START LIST LINK to access the relevant start list(s).
Please complete ALL SECTIONS as follows:
SECTIONS A & B: are for your personal and contact details.
SECTION C: Your team/club name (if any). For events which include a swim section, please include your pro rata 400m estimated swim time and your BTF licence number if you have one.
SECTION D: must be completed for applicants who are under 18 years of age. Please ensure the person completing the on-line transaction add their details into this section and who by clicking the 'Adult/payee consent' box give their consent and implicit understanding of the demainds required for each event's terms and conditions.
SECTION E: contains selectable drop-down list for each race category on offer.
Race distances, prices and available capacity (if appropriate) is displayed for each race item.
SECTION F: please add any other information you wish us to know. This can be anything from a general point, or a self medical declaration (ie: knowledge of a medical condition which could be of benefit to attending medical support following a situation or incident), or anything else you feel we should know!
SECTION G: is for acknowledgement of the events terms and conditions and also contains the 'Submit' button for progressing your application.
Finally, once complete, please click the 'Submit' button in this section to proceed to the 'confirmation page' to check all details before making payment.

Section A - Applicant/(Lead Applicant if RELAY team) Personal details

Section B - Applicant Address/Contact details

Section C - Team/Club Name

Section D - Under 18 yrs NOW

Section E - Race selection

Section F - Other info (please include medical info; useful in the event of an incident)

Section G - Disclaimer and Submit Information

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